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Child support that is paid while the custodial parent is on TANF will be sent to the Indiana State Child Support Bureau to reimburse the TANF received.

If no TANF has been received, all money paid to the clerk’s office will be sent to the custodial parent, until everything owed for the month is paid in full.  The payoff order is as follows:

a.)    Current support for the month

b.)   Back support owed to the custodial parent (pre-TANF or post TANF), until paid in full

c.)    Money owed to the State of Indiana

Money intercepted from tax returns always goes to the State of Indiana first, regardless of the case type, if there is any money owed to the State of Indiana for TANF reimbursement.

  • The ISETS computer system calculates the number of weeks and amount due on each account at the beginning of each month.  All payments received go to current support until that account is paid in full for the month, then to support arrearages.