Below you will find the required ADA/TITLE VI documents.



ADA Plan
     - Appendices C-F
ADA Policies, Procedures
Title VI Plan

Legal Notice Requirements For Title VI Complaince 

Title VI Complainant Rights Notice


Title VI Nondiscrimination Plan and Policy


Policy Statement

      Title VI Coordinator & Liaisons

      Employer / Employee Dissemination and Training

      Contrator, Subcontractors, Vendors and Consultants

      Complaint Process

      Public Dissemination

      Community Involvement and Outreach

      Data Collection

      Section 504 / Americans with Disabilites Act (ADA)

      Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Plan

      Policy and Mission Statement

      Social Equity and Environmental Justice

      Title VI Assurances


      Annual Work Plan

      Appendix A: General

      Appendix B: Clauses for Deeds Transferring United States Property

      Appendix C: Clauses for Transfer of Real Property Acquired or Improve Under the Activity, Facility or Program

      Appendix D: Title VI Complaint Log

      Appendix E: Title VI Complaint Procedure

      Appendix F: External Complaint of Discrimination Form

      Appendix G: Complaint Consent / Release Form

      Appendix H: Voluntary Title VI Public Involvement Survey

      Appendix I: Acknowledgement of Receipt of Title VI Policy Guidelines