This person will serve as the Department Head-Surveys, Field Survey Division, responsible for supervising and coordinating field survey projects and preparing plats of surveys.



Minimum ten years experience in the land surveying profession or a closely related profession or possession of Surveyor's License.

Bachelor's or Associate's Degree in Land Surveying recommended.

Must be at lease 21 years of age.

Thorough knowledge of standard survey principles and practices, with ability to effectively prepare survey projects, direct and coordinate field crew operations, review process survey data, and prepare maps, drawings, and legal descriptions accordingly.

Working knowledge of Global Positioning System (GPS) Surveys, including setting up survey projects, preparing contract bids, working with vendors, preparing final reports and records, and assuring proper maintence of GPS data.

Thorough knowledge of survey maps, plats, deeds, legal descriptions, and other property records, with ability to research and prepare records, identify and communicate discrepancies, and direct Survey Crew operations accordingly.

Ability to train and supervise Survey Crew Members, assign and review duties, and provide corrective instruction as needed.



Assures proper maintenance, repair, and/or replacement of county section corners and monuments, including identifying and reviewing outdated files, determining and prioritizing section corner projects, making field assignments, and maintaining related databases and maps.

Prepares subdivision plats and plats of surveys along with writing Surveyor reports.

Enters and analyzes field data into computer.

Directs and coordinates field survey crew projects to maintain County section corners and collect section information for coordinate data system; determines survey priorities, collects and researches corresponding property records, creates work files, and assigns projects to Crew Chiefs accordingly.

Monitors Field Crew, including reviewing field notes and progress, resolving problems and discrepancies in survey data, and determining additional field work needs; reviews projects with County Surveyor and visits projects sites as needed.

Resolves discrepancies in field notes, survey data, including contacting property owners and working with personnel from Recorder and Auditor's Office to research records and verify legal descriptions and property records.

Coordinates Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) surveys as budgets allow, including setting up survey projects, preparing contract bids, working with vendors/contractors, and preparing final reports and records; assures proper maintenance of GPS data.

Coordinates surveys for county properties, county roads/right of way, legal drains, and other construction projects; reviews design plans and coordinates projects with applicable county departments and contractors, direct survey crew, compiles field notes, resolves discrepancies, and prepares maps, drawings, and/or legal descriptions and required.

Prepares annual reports and assists Surveyor with annual budget development, as required.

Reviews survey data on Subdivision Plats filed with the Planning Department.


Civilian Jail Officer

Civilian Jail Officer


A Civilian Jail Officer is responsible for maintaining safety and security of the Bartholomew County Jail. Additional responsibilities include but are not limited to: intake and release procedures, performing observation tower duties, medical needs of inmates, daily needs of the inmates and or the public, and maintain master control at all times.

• High school diploma or equivalent
• Valid Indiana Driver’s License
• Must possess good communication skills
• Efficient in computer skills
• Available to work any shift including weekends and holidays
• Must attend and successfully complete the Indiana Jail Officer’s Course
• Be efficient in multi-tasking

This is a full-time position with full benefits.

To apply, contact Kim Rocker:





The Bartholomew County Jail is looking for a part-time LPN to be responsible for providing primary medical care for jail detainees and acting as liaison for other health care providers under the supervision of a physician.

The primary duties would include:
Screening detainees requests for medical care daily, providing assessment and treatment of medical problems; set up and dispenses medication as ordered, and maintaining an accurate inventory of all stock and prescription medication.

Reviewing activity and medical charts from previous shifts.

Type sick call list and pull related records, assist physician with sick calls and takes orders from sick call records.

Initiate and update records, pull records on releases and transfers and prepare the detainees master medical file. Prepare medical reports for courts and civil proceedings as requested.

Complete pre-physical screening of detainees, as required. Determine medical needs and provide and/or arrange treatment whenever possible; draw blood and review lab results, taking appropriate action as required.

Provide follow-up for detainees who have been treated for injuries or are receiving medications. Perform treatments as needed.

Refer detainees to physician's care as needed, assisting with services as requested.

Serve as liaison between physicians, staff and detainees, and contact dentist, mental health personnel and/or medical specialists for follow-up.

Maintain medication and supplies in stock, performing checks to discontinue any outdated stock and ordering new supplies.

Maintain inventory of needles, syringes, scalpels and other potentially harmful equipment, recording use of existing stock.

Perform periodic facility checks to evaluate any potential or existing health hazards, completing appropriate paperwork to remedy problems or record check.

Review diet orders, advising kitchen staff of any changes.

Conduct regular checks of first-aid kits, oxygen, AED, and equipment.

Assist physician with exams and performs special lab work.

Attend staff meetings.

Prepare and conduct first aid, CPR or other medical training sessions for Sheriff and Correctional personnel.

Respond to medical emergencies on a 24-hour basis, including providing instruction over the telephone and traveling to Bartholomew County Jail as the situation demands.

Perform related duties as assigned and required.


Graduate of state-accredited school of nursing with current registration as a Licensed Practical Nurse in the State of Indiana.

Possession of or ability to obtain required training and certifications, such as certification in first aid and CPR required, training and/or certification in phlebotomy would be helpful, but not necessary, and training in handling suicidal behavior and hazardous bodily fluids.

Must be at least 18 years of age.

Ability to meet all employer and department hiring requirements, including passage of a drug test and polygraph exam.

Thorough knowledge of the theories, principles, and methods of the field of nursing, as well as knowledge of jail operations and procedures.

Practical knowledge of area law enforcement demands and the ability to take authoritative action as situations demand.

Knowledge of all local, state and federal laws applicable to jail health operation, with the ability to apply and enforce regulations as needed.

Knowledge of standard English grammar, spelling and punctuation, and ability to compile detainee information and prepare required reports, logs and charts.

Ability to provide a wide range of medical care and related functions, including physical examinations, immunization injections and a variety of lab tests, with the ability to evaluate lab tests and reports and make appropriate evaluations.

Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing with co-workers, other County departments, detainees, personnel from other government and health care agencies, and the public, including being sensitive to professional ethics, gender, cultural diversities and disabilities.

Ability to provide public access to or maintain confidentiality of department information and records according to State requirements.

Ability to comply with all employer and department policies and work rules, including, but not limited to, attendance, safety, drug-free workplace, and personal conduct.

Ability to understand, memorize, retain, and carry out written and oral instructions, and present findings in oral or written form.

Ability to work alone with minimum supervision and with others in a team environment.

Ability to work on several tasks at the same time and work rapidly for long periods, often under time pressure.

Ability to apply knowledge of people and/or locations, and plan and lay out assigned work project.

Ability to perform arithmetic calculations.

Ability to attend training in security measures; handling of specific incidents, such as assaults, disturbances and discovery of contraband. Ability to occasionally work extended hours, and regularly work weekends and/or evening hours. Ability to respond to medical emergencies on a 24-hour basis.

Possession of a valid Indiana driver's license and a demonstrated safe driving record.

Must be available to work evenings and weekends.


Send resume to:


Survey Technician


Bartholomew County, Indiana is looking for a Survey Technician. Duties include:

• Processes field notes and records, enters and analyzes field data in computer, prepares maps and drawings, and completes related reports and documentation, as required.
• Assists Survey Crew Chief with maintaining county section corners and collecting survey field data, sets traverse points, reties section corners to physical features, and assists with measuring distances, angles, and other survey functions as directed.
• Assists Survey Crew Chief with surveys for county properties, county roads/rights of way, legal drains, and other construction projects.
• Collects and reviews plats, deeds, surveys, legal descriptions, highway plans, and other property records for entry in the computer system; constructs and/or re-constructs plats, checks for parcel gaps, overlaps, and other discrepancies, and labels parcels, lines, roads, and map numbers. Plots final maps upon completion.


• Must have a working knowledge of AutoCAD.
• Associate’s Degree preferred but not required.
• Working knowledge of plats, deeds, surveys, legal descriptions, highway plans, and other property records, with ability to research records, recognize discrepancies, and prepares plat maps accordingly.
• Ability to operate state of the art field survey equipment and hand/power tools.
• Possession of a valid driver’s license and demonstrated safe driving record.


To apply, send resume to:




Food Service Worker




Bartholomew County


The cook prepares meals for Bartholomew County Jail and Residential Center. This position is responsible for but not limited to: preparation of 830 +/- meals a day, assisting with the cleanliness of the kitchen, equipment and other related duties as assigned.

o 80/20 Health Insurance
o Twelve(12) vacation days after one year
o Six (6) sick days yearly
o Six (6) personal days yearly
o Floating County Holidays yearly (average of ten (10)
o Various other insurance you may purchase, eyes, dental, etc.
o PERF retirement, County contributes 3% of annual salary


o High School Diploma or equivalent
o Valid Indiana Driver’s License
o Must possess excellent communication skills
o Be efficient in multi-tasking
o Must retain any certifications held when hired and any received during employment
o Must pass pre-hire drug test
o Must pass polygraph examination
o Adhere to Department policies and procedures
o Available for any shift, including weekends and Holidays
o $28,178.54 TO $30,178.46




Bartholomew County


The cook prepares meals for Bartholomew County Jail and Residential Center. This position is responsible for but not limited to: preparation of 830 +/- meals a day, assisting with the cleanliness of the kitchen, equipment and other related duties as assigned.
Up to 28 hours a week.

$12.00 TO $13.49

Emergency 911 Dispatcher

The Bartholomew County 911 Emergency Operations Center has a current opening for a Full-Time Emergency 911 Dispatcher.
Emergency 911 Dispatchers are Public Safety Professionals with the primary assignment of performing work in the protection of life and property through emergency communications.

Emergency 911 Dispatchers are required to:

     • Answer incoming emergency telephone communication lines and acquire pertinent information for dispatching emergency response groups.
     • Dispatch appropriate police, fire, rescue and emergency medical response agencies to emergency situations.
     • Provide medical instructions (as needed) prior to the arrival of medical personnel.
     • Manage radio communications.
     • Operate a Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD).
     • Maintain the status of all police units, emergency response agencies and command personnel during emergency situations.
     • Maintain appropriate certifications.

Emergency 911 Dispatchers must:
     • Be calm and even-tempered
     • Be decisive
     • Be able to process incomplete information, quickly assess the situation and provide an appropriate response of emergency agencies
     • Be able to work independently and as part of a team
     • Be assertive, professional, self-confident and mature
     • Have exceptional speaking and listening skills
     • Be dependable and reliable

Emergency 911 Dispatchers Tier 1 beginning pay (5 Tiers):
     • Tier 1: (2017) $32,075 - $36,075

     • Vacation Days/Personal Days/Comp. Days/Sick Days/Holidays
     • Premium Shift Pay for 2nd & 3rd Shifts (Additional $1.25/hour)
     • Insurance
     • Job Security

Interested Applicants must:
     • Must submit to a written typing test, basic skills computer test, and a basic listening skills test
     • Pass a criminal history check, background investigation, polygraph examination and drug screen
     • Be available to work 1st, 2nd and 3rd shifts
     • Work every other weekend


To apply, please send resume to

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