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How do I find out if my property is in a Flood Zone?

Flood Zone determinations are made by the City/County Planning Department at City Hall.

How do I find my property corners?

If documentation has been set, a metal detector can help locate the metal pins at property corners.  Depending on the accuracy needed on the property line, a private surveyor may need to verify the monument location.

How do I pay for my property to be surveyed and how much would it cost?

You will need to call a private land surveyor for this information.

How can I find where my property line is located?

The County Surveyor's office only marks county right-of-way lines, we leave the property lines to private land surveyors.

How do I resolve a property line dispute?

Hire a private surveyor to verify the accuracy of the neighbor's survey.

How do I pay for my property to be surveyed to put up a garage or outbuilding?

You will need to hire a private surveryor, then get a Certified Site Plan, which is required by Building and Zoning in order to construct a building.

How do I request a recommendation for a private surveyor to use?

As a government office, we cannot direct you to any particular company.  We recommend that you refer to the yellow pages and look under "Land Surveyors" and go from there.