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You will not need their tax return. If the obligated parent owes enough to have his/her taxes offset it will be done automatically.  The obligated parent must owe at least one-hundred-fifty dollars ($150.00) on a Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) case or former TANF case to be offset.  The obligated parent must be at least five-hundred dollars ($500.00) in arrears on a non-TANF case to be offset.

The obligated parent will be offset even if they are already paying on the arrearage, provided that the arrearage meets the above criteria.

The Indiana State Child Support Bureau will keep any taxes that are offset, if any money is due to the State of Indiana.

Any money owed to the custodial parent will be distributed by the Indiana State Child Support Bureau approximately six (6) months after the obligated parent files his/her return.  If it is a joint return, the Indiana State Child Support Bureau does not hold a single return as long.

The reason for the delay in processing is to eliminate the necessity of the custodial parent being required to pay any money back that may be received in an error to the Indiana State Child Support Bureau.  Such an error could result from an amended return being filed, a tax audit, or an injured spouse form being filed by the obligated parent’s current spouse.

We must have the obligated parent’s verified social security number to offset taxes.