Bradford L. Barnes
Director/Chief Probation Officer

Adult Probation


Adult Probation has one supervisor, six full-time Probation Officers (three of whom specialize in Alcohol/Drug cases), one part-time Probation Officer and a Secretary. In 2011, the active caseload for Alcohol/Drug Probation Officers averaged 146 cases per officer and Adult Probation Officers averaged 128 cases per officer. Adult Probation Officers completed 88 Presentence Investigation reports and 187 Records Checks, for a total of 275 reports.  


For the year 2011, 967 misdemeanor cases and 371 Felony cases were received, and the year ended with 1,244 misdemeanor cases and 750 felony cases on probation.  The total number of adults on probation at the end of 2011 was 1,994. 

In addition, the Indiana Judicial Center certified Bartholomew County Court Services Alcohol/Drug Program in April of 2000. Re-certification was most recently conducted in 2011. Alcohol/Drug Probation Officers provide court ordered evaluations for persons having alcohol/drug charges and instruct “Prime For Life” which is a cognitive based alcohol/drug education group. In addition, through a contract with Su Casa, Court Services provides “Prime For Life” for Spanish speaking clients.

Juvenile Probation

Juvenile Probation consists of a supervisor, 4 Probation Officers and a Secretary. In 2011, Juvenile Probation received 246 new supervisions and 743 new referrals. The average active caseload of a Juvenile Probation Officer is 39 probationers, plus pending referrals.

Juvenile Probation makes referrals to several home-based programs, residential programs and treatment agencies to provide services to juvenile delinquents and their families.

Further, in 2010, the Bartholomew Circuit Court received a JABG grant to operate a Mental Health Diversion program through Court Services.  This program is in its third year of operation.

The chart below provides data related to commitments of local juveniles to the Indiana Department of Correction and local programs and services.

Juvenile DOC Commitments


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