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The mosquito breeding season is upon us and the Heath Department provides you with the following information:


Mosquitoes are able to transmit disease by biting humans and animals and infecting them with several different diseases. A few of these diseases are West Nile Virus, St. Louis Encephalitis and an emerging disease called Chikungunya.


Standing water which does not dry within a week will allow the female mosquito to lay her eggs and begin to breed mosquito larvae. Your first line of defense in stopping mosquito growth is to make sure your property is free of standing water such as; old tires, clogged gutters, flower pot bases, water barrels which are not sealed around the inlet and outlet, as well as ponding sewage. Contact the Health Department to investigate bodies of water in your neighborhood which may not drain for possible treatment. 


The Health Department has resources to treat small bodies of water that are causing a public health threat in the immediate area where people are living or congregating, or can use a fogging treatment for flying adult mosquitoes.


All but a few types of mosquitoes are active between dusk and dawn, and a few actions you can take to protect yourself when you are outside include: Using an insect repellant containing D.E.E.T. or other active ingredient, according to label directions,   Wear long sleeves and pants as possible when out at night. Once again remember the 4 D’s, Drain water, dusk to dawn mosquitoes, DEET repellant and dress covered when possible.

As of Wednesday July 1, 2015, users will no longer be able enter Bartholomew County eGIS as a Guest. All users will be required to have a Username and Password to enter the Bartholomew County eGIS website.  This change is a result of recent legislation.  The legislation requires us to restrict access to certain names and addresses or require a Username and Password to login.  If you do not have a Username and Password, you can set up an account by clicking on the “REGISTER” button at the login screen. There is NO CHARGE to access any information on the Bartholomew County eGIS website.

Newbern Road continues to be closed for Bridge Replacement - from Town of Newbern to 265 North also 225 North is closed to thru traffic

300 North at Bridge 39 (between 1100 & 1125 East) is closed indefinitly.

eGIS Community Response

Now available through the Bartholomew County eGIS is a Community Response application.  Citizens can now report specific issues through the web map or by downloading the mobile app for phones and tablets.   Persons wishing to submit an issue through the Community Response application must be a registered user on eGIS.   Reportable issues are available through a pre-defined list.  Photographs can be attached as supporting documentation of the issue.   An email is sent to the appropriate department based on the type of issue reported and the geographic location.   Citizens will receive notification by email of any status change and action taken on the submitted ticket.   Most, but not all, jurisdictions within Bartholomew County are participating in the Community Response application.    If an attempt is made to report an issue within a non-participating jurisdiction, a message will appear with that indication.

A step-by-step guide for submitting a ticket can be found here:


The mobile app can be downloaded here:

AppleCommunityResponse     GoogleCommunityResponse